Essays & Papers

The essays and papers listed below were all delivered during the conference Beyond Subject and State? Indigenous Interests in the Age of Globalization held at The Arctic Centre, Rovaniemi from June 17 – 18, 2006. You can either download them here as printable PDF files or listen to an audio recording of the conference presentations by clicking here.

Archana Hande
PDFHome Grown
© 2006 Archana Hande

Richard William Hill
PDFRepresentation and Problems for Indigenous North American Agency
© 2006 Richard William Hill

Rauna Kuokkanen
PDFSámi Women, Autonomy, and Decolonization in the Age of Globalization
© 2006 Rauna Kuokkanen

Kaisa Raitio
PDFEnvironmental Politics in Sápmi: The Conflict Between Sámi Reindeer Herding and State Forestry in Anár/Inari, Finnish Sámpi
© 2006 Kaisa Raitio

Henriette Rasmussen
PDFINUIT – A Struggle for Cultural Space
© 2006 Henriette Rasmussen

Makere Stewart-Harawira
PDFNation States and the Struggle for Empire: Indigenous Peoples in the Interregnum
© 2006 Makere Stewart-Harawira